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The Betrayed (Mystere Parish:Family Ineritance) by Jana DeLeon (Harlequin Intrigue #1447)

The Betrayed (Harlequin Intrigue Series #1447)

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A man undercover must reveal the truth in the swamps in the continuation of USA TODAY bestselling author Jana DeLeon's Mystere Parish: Family Inheritance.
One day on the job and contractor Zach Sargent is ready to believe the dilapidated old LeBeau mansion is haunted. Some intruder—earthly or not—is threatening the youngest LeBeau sister, back to claim her inheritance. And though Danae keeps her distance from the sexy hired hand, he falls for her in a heartbeat.
Like Danae, Zach has come back to Calais in need of answers to troubling questions about the LeBeau family past. But Danae must never know who he really is and he can't let his attraction to her stop his search…or else a decades-old evil will claim a new victim.

This is the second book in Jana Deleon's Mystere Parish: Family Inheritance series for Harlequin Intrigue. (Click here for my review of the first book, The Accused.)
A solid mystery with a sexy, tender romance and a touch of the paranormal,  The Betrayed follows the youngest of the three sisters, Danae, who was only two years old when the girls' evil stepfather sent them away to be raised by distant relatives.  Danae has arrived in Calais under an assumed name,  and she feels an instant connection to Alaina, eventually gathering her courage to reveal her identity.
Hired by the family attorney to go through the mountains of paperwork kept by the stepfather, Danae goes to the mansion to begin her task and hopefully reconnect with her birthplace.  Once there she meets Zach, the hunky contractor hired to make repairs, who has secrets of his own linking him to Danae's mother and stepfather.
Zach and Danae quickly  recognize a strong mutual attraction, at the same time they realize they're not alone in the spooky old mansion.  The intensified sense of menace pushes Zach and Danae into mutual support mode, as they stay together for protection while trying to get their work done.  Pretty soon their individual desires to find answers in the paperwork takes a backseat to staying safe, and the time spent together under pressure electrifies their attraction and their trust in one another.  The romance is sweet and tentative, and completely sexy.

The menacing atmosphere and strange events at the mansion, shadowed by the recent attack on Alaina, combine to create a pressure-cooker of intensity that make this the perfect book for reading late into the night, while safely tucked into bed.

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The final book in the series, The Reunion, will be released September 17, 2013.
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