Friday, January 6, 2012

Flashback Fridays Presents................ Nancy Drew!





   And then the series and cover art changed a LOT:

Ah, the Nancy Drew series.  My literary gateway drug to serious book addiction.  I devoured these books over and over again.  The Christmas I was in 3rd grade, my aunt gave me The Secret of the Old Clock and The Mystery at Lilac Inn, and I fell in love.  I began reading and collecting, until I had books #1-56.  I spent all my allowance money saving for these books, and every birthday and Christmas I would ask for a few more.   I got a few books after #56, but the new paperbacks with the drastically different cover art (WHO is the girl on them?  Huh?!  Not titian-haired Nancy!) really put me off.  Which is ironic, since my local small-town library had several first edition Nancy Drew books (early 1930's) that I loved as well, but the yellow hardcovers really spoke to me.
In fact, I still have them all, and when my daughter is older I will happily introduce her to a smart, brave, kind and self-reliant heroine.  Nancy represented the girl I wanted to be - she had amazing, scary adventures where nobody ever really got hurt, she had the best girlfriends ever, and a sweet and hunky boyfriend.  But the mysteries were the best part - who didn't want to be Nancy and escape the boring life of elementary school?
Are you a Nancy Drew fan?  Did the cover art matter to you, too?  What's your favorite cover/book?
I think my favorite cover is The Ghost of Blackwood Hall - it has it all, the three best friends together in a spooky house, in a seemingly dangerous situation.  The Mystery at Lilac Inn is probably my second favorite.  I'm a ghost story lover from early childhood, and the retro dress and hair lends the picture an "out of time" aura.

There is a wonderful website about Nancy Drew at  The author is a SERIOUS collector and Nancy Drew expert, and the website is comprehensive, educational and fascinating.


  1. I love this theme! Wish I would have thought of it. We do Non-fiction Friday but I am a bit behind right now...

  2. Oh, and I would like to add your site on our sidebar for now, if that's okay.

  3. Hi - thanks, and feel free to add me on your sidebar! I've recently started reviewing older books, and that's what made me think of this new Friday theme. Plus it's a great way to give some time to old favorites!

  4. Makes me want to go dig around in the boxes and see which ones I have packed away for my daughters too! I can't remember from looking at the covers, but agree there was something about the yellow that really drew you to them.

  5. Janette, I bet both of yours would like hearing about the adventures of Nancy!