Friday, January 3, 2014

Flashback Fridays Presents: GEORGETTE HEYER

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With over 80 novels published, most prolific readers have come across a Georgette Heyer novel at one time or another.  She published romances and mystery/thrillers at the rate of one each per year, and is widely credited with creating the historical Regency romance. 
Her novels are  compelling, smart, fascinating and just darn good reads.  Barbara Cartland apparently thought so as well, as she is widely believed to have plagiarized a few Heyer novels.

According to the Georgette Heyer Goodreads page:
Georgette Heyer was an amazingly prolific writer who created the Regency England genre of romance novels.

Georgette Heyer was an intensely private person. A best-seller all her life without the aid of publicity, she made no appearances, never gave an interview, and only answered fan letters herself if they made an interesting historical point. Heyer wrote very well-researched historical fiction, full of all you could ever want: romance, fashion, upper classes, cross-dressing, arranged marriages, murder, intrigue, cant language, sarcasm and humour!

Walk into any second-hand bookshop and they will know her name and may even know that she wrote her third book under the pseudonym of Stella Martin. In fact, you usually find that many people have read at least one of her books.

Here's a link to a great Georgette Heyer fan WEBPAGE.
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