Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Military Influence on Romance Novels - Hubba Hubba!

In the current issue of Time magazine (December 5, 2011), there's a great article by Belinda Luscombe discussing the increasing focus of romance novels shifting from paranormal creatures like vampires, werewolves and the like to military, firefighter and police heroes.  While the paranormal romance genre is here to stay, the recent upsurge in romance heroes who have a military or police (particularly special operations) background has increased along with the number of veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.  The recently released anthology SEAL of My Dreams is mentioned, as are authors Robyn Carr, Suzanne Brockmann, Christine Feehan, Lisa Marie Rice, Rogenna Brewer and Anne March.
It's great to see military veterans written about as they have all the elements of a great romance hero - dedication, discipline, bravery, sacrifice and loyalty.
Subscribers to Time can read the full article here:,9171,2100116,00.html.

I'm especially pleased to see romance books written about in a national magazine - so often the genre is pooh-poohed by critics and mainstream reviewers, who dismiss how wonderfully written many of these books are, and belittle the genre as a whole.  Much like the frequently referenced "Lipstick Index" (when the economy is bad, lipstick sales surge because it's an affordable indulgence) romance novels are proving themselves almost recession-proof.  They are almost always published in paperback for under $8.  Hundreds are published each month - Harlequin alone publishes 110, according to the Time article - and there is a sub-genre flavor for everyone out there, from paranormal to military to religious to alternative.  What's not to like about romance novels?

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