Monday, April 11, 2011

Dark Predator by Christine Feehan

I'm very excited for the release of Dark Predator, book #22 in Christine Feehan's Carpathian series.  It's scheduled for release September 6, 2011 and is the story of Zacarias de la Cruz, eldest of the de la Cruz brothers, who have lived in South America for centuries.  There is a lot of speculation about who will be his lifemate but so far no hints from Feehan's website.

Christine Feehan is a powerhouse writer of the paranormal romance genre, and currently is actively writing four series:  Carpathians (Dark Series), Ghostwalkers, Leopard Series, and Sea Haven series ( of which there are two subseries).  Fans new to Feehan are in for a treat, as she is prolific and very, very good.    The Dark series and the Leopard series are of the paranormal genre, and deal with vampires, shapeshifters, mages and werewolves.  Both have an extensive and multi-layered back story full of far-ranging conspiracies, evil plots and action, as does the Ghostwalker series.  The Ghostwalkers are elite special forces soldiers who have been psychically and genetically altered, creating amazing abilities and gifts. If you like military ops books with lots of romance, sex and action you will love these books.  The Sea Haven series deal with seven psychically gifted sisters - I can't say much more than that as I've only read one of these so far.

There are several common themes throughout Feehan's books.  All of her stories have similar elements - sexy and powerful alpha males, smart and capable heroines, action, adventure and great sex.  That being said they can frequently feel like multiple variations on the same theme.  But what saves them from being repetitious is Feehan's incredible story-telling ability.  She creates compelling characters the reader can relate to and actually like, places them in rich and varied settings that create an urge to travel in the reader, and adds in fantastic detail about a variety of subjects.  She is an author who really does her research, and then seamlessly adds in these details, enriching the story.

If you like your romances sweet and chaste with the sexy parts kept private, skip these books, because her sex scenes are extensive, imaginative and hot.

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  1. Her sex scenes are super HOT i've read all her books so i know first hand lol

    Lisa B