Saturday, April 23, 2011

Broken by Shiloh Walker (Reviewed by Derenda)

Back of the book:
Quinn Rafferty is a working bounty hunter for a private detective agency in St. Louis when a new neighbor catches his eyes. Sara Davis is on the run and hiding something, but does she dare to trust him? She is the target of a missing persons case he is ironically assigned to. What will he do, can he trust her, will she trust him?
Derenda's Review:
This book intrigued me when I noticed the tease on the front. It simply stated, "The hardest battles are fought within."  Okay, okay, the attractive man with the dog tags on the cover did not hurt either! The story begins with Quinn Rafferty. His heartbreaking childhood the first few pages, nearly made me cry. Quinn was with his mother who had a drug problem. Upon her death, he discovers he has a twin and a father who offered a very different life from that he has ever known. However, Quinn is already broken. Suddenly, the story zooms twenty years in the future. It seemed like a quick rush as I would had preferred to follow Quinn more through his younger years and his choice of the military. However, Quinn is now a bounty hunter living in St. Louis.

Sara Davis, is offered a place to live by a sweet, loving lady named Theresa. Theresa is described as a collector of lost souls offering rooms in her home to boarders. Sara is one of those lost souls trying to simply go unnoticed. She hates to exercise but does it anyway, works at a restaurant, and is "carrying anger on the inside for too long and it started to show on the outside." She keeps recounting comments, made by a man named James, that leaves the reader to assume he's her husband, but turns out he is not. It was an interesting turn of Sara's story that left me very surprised, since in my arrogance thought I already had it figured out. A compliment to Walker!

Quinn and Sara start an intimate relationship, I do mean intimate! It is very descriptive, intense, white hot sex scenes! If you blush much, your face will be red for chapters and chapters! The irony is that Quinn is hired to find a missing person who turns out to be Sara. While he can not tell Sara that he is in love with her, he does manage to shout it out to his boss in a heated discussion. Thinking Quinn has turned his emotional corner, I am expecting him to share his feelings with Sara. Instead, he reverts back into his broken emotional status when he thinks Sara has lied to him. Finally when the truth is revealed  of Sara's secret, he walks away from her. I wanted to yell at him to turn around, but he feels Sara did not trust him enough to share her secret. Nearly a month later, Sara returns to Quinn to see if there is a chance for their love. There is!

I did enjoy this book and look forward to others by Walker. Broken is one of those books you really shouldn't read sitting outside on a hot day with the intense scenes. You just might explode from the heat!

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