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HAUNTED by Patricia Rosemoor


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Dunescape Cottage brought Bram Vanmatre home to haunting childhood memories of a night when the lights went out, priceless jewels disappeared, and his father washed up dead on a deserted beach.

The crumbling mansion called to Echo St. Clair every time she came near. She wanted to deny its supernatural attraction until, trapped in one of its underground chambers, she was confronted by its ghost.

Dunescape Cottage linked Bram and Echo together. Even as they succumbed to their undeniable attraction, they were equally seduced by the houses mysteries...and on the stormy night of the Dunescape Halloween masked ball, they came face-to-face with the past.

I am SO far behind posting reviews.  One very sick dog, two out-of-town trips and a day spent in the ER and my schedule is shot all to hell.  I meant to post this before Halloween, but it's a great spooky romance perfect for any time of the year.
A deliciously atmospheric and creepy paranormal romantic suspense, Haunted is very gothic in style.  Dunescape Cottage is as much a main character as Bram and Echo, with its grand scale, crumbling opulence, secret passageways and ghostly happenings.  As Echo prepares the house for a haunted house benefit, the house seems to come alive as strange things happen.  The owner, Bram's aunt, is a little nutty but loves Echo's plans.  Bram, newly arrived in town after an absence of decades, hates the idea but likes Echo.  Bram was pretty stiff as a character initially, but as the story unfolds his behavior is explained.
As the night of the benefit gets closer it becomes very obvious that someone wants to scare and possibly hurt Echo, which brings out Bram's protective instincts, forcing him to realize his attraction for her is becoming emotional as well.  Worried about Bram and his aunt cancelling the Haunted House benefit, Echo doesn't share all the ghostly happenings she is experiencing until it's almost too late. Throw in an old unsolved murder, Bram's arrogant and bitchy mother, a voodoo practicing health aide and some nasty neighbors, and the cast of characters is satisfying and the mystery is maintained until the end.
Fans of old-school Gothic romances will especially love this book.  A spooky setting, a varied cast of suspicious characters, a hero who appears sinister at times, a spunky heroine and no graphic sex combine to make this a delightful package.

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