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The Midnight Breed Series by Lara Adrian Review by Derenda


Review by Derenda:

Recently I read the first eight books of the paranormal "Breed series", by Lara Adrian.  The underlying story throughout the series is based on a continuing battle.  Centuries ago, a vampire race known as Ancients arrived on Earth.  Being intellectually superior, their arrogance knew no bounds.  Their downfall was needing Earthlings' blood since they were a Vampire race. The Ancients raped, maimed, and brutalized the people of Earth. Those women fortunate enough to survive these terrible acts produced children referred to as Breeds. Those children grew up and revolted against the Ancients. In an unbelievable battle, seven Breeds defeated the Ancients.... or so they thought. The Breeds were deceived and one Ancient was hidden in a tomb. Soon it's discovered that other offspring of the Ancients survived, as well. If these Vampire offspring are not cautious, they become addicted to the Bloodthirst.  Bloodthirst is when the Vampire drinks too much blood, similar to alcoholism in humans.  Vampires who succumb to the Bloodthirst become known as Rogue. That's when the Breeds take over. They rule the night, protecting the Earth, on a mission to discover the inner betrayal of one of their own. The story continues throughout each book leading the Reader to await for the final conflict brewing on the horizon.

The Breeds can mate with women who have a distinct birthmark on their body. These women often grow up feeling isolated, different, and each possesses a paranormal gift through their genetic makeup. These women soon discover their genetic heritage and mate with the Breed men. Their stories of love, fear, acceptance, pregnancy, and fighting draws the reader into a realm of passion and enjoyment. I love the way Ms. Adrian brings the women's influence into the Breed's compound! Soon this military compound evolves to a family community that some of the Breed men find disturbing. (Reminded me of fighting for closet and bathroom space when my husband and I got married!) The women make an important discovery and become viable partners in the men's fight, much to their surprise.
Each book is the story of a Breed vampire warrior and the woman he finds love with, and also has action packed, detailed fight scenes.  Ms. Adrian will throw the reader a curve with humor. In the second book, Kiss of Crimson, Dante falls for a local veterinarian named Tess. Trying to get closer to her, he goes to the pound and adopts an old terrier mix trying to pass it off as his dog.  In Midnight Rising, Dylan sees dead ,making reference to the Bruce Willis movie.  In Veil of Midnight, Nickola is noticing his lady's hair and comments, "I need to seriously look into night classes with Vidal Sassoon", as he was a goner in love!  In Ashes of Midnight, Andreas has the gift of fire, referring to "Going out in a blaze of glory".
This humor makes the characters more human, even though they share blood with their mates. I thoroughly enjoyed this series and look forward to reading the rest of the Midnight Breed series!

I've read the following:
Kiss of Midnight -  Lucan and Gadrielle's
Kiss of Crimson - Dante and Tess
Midnight Awaking - Tegan and Elise
Midnight Rising - Rio and Dylan
Veil of Midnight - Nikola and Renata
Ashes of Midnight - Andreas and Claire
Shades of Midnight - Kade and Alexandra

Taken by Midnight - Brock and Jenna

The Breed series also consists of the following:
Deeper Than Midnight  #9
Darker After Midnight #10 (Feb 2012)
Untitled Novella Ebook - release scheduled for November 2011

For more information about the Midnight Breed Series and author Lara Adrian, check out her website at

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